Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about our Free2play online casino

What is and how do I sign up for it? is an online portal where you can play slots and casino games for free. New games are always being added and there are 3 different types of jackpots for you to play for. You can easily register by visiting our greeting site and entering your desired user name under "Choose your player name". Then provide a valid email address and a password of your choice, and you'll be ready to play. You can also login via a social media account, gaining extra Chips with each and every login. To do this, click on the social media account icon located in the upper right hand corner of the screen under "Already a player?".

How do I start a game?

As soon as you have logged in to our site, you’ll be automatically located at our games webpage. There, you'll find a large variety of casino games, especially slots. When playing, you not only have the opportunity to win Chips, you are also gaining experience points (XP) in the process. To see how many Chips you've collected, take a look at "ACCOUNT" in the upper right side of the screen. There you’ll see the amount of Chips you currently have on your balance. Located right above your number of Chips is an XP bar, which shows you how far you still have to go until you reach the next level. Right above the XP bar, you can see what your current level is. XP expands, so too will the green coloring in the bar.

How do I acquire or earn Chips?

You have the chance to win Chips with every round of every game. Select the amount of Chips you would like to bet and with a little luck, your selected win lines might win or maybe even score you a "Big Win", a "Mega Win", or one of our three jackpots. You stock up your Chips account with every win. But here are even more options to acquire Chips:

Login via a social media platform

The easiest way to get Chips is to log into via a social media platform profile. This will gain you extra Chips and will have you connected with friends while playing. By the way: With every day you log yourself in via this social media platform, you gain free Chips as an extra bonus – pretty awesome, right?

Magic Bonus Wheel

You can collect your Magic Bonus once every two hours by spinning the Magic Bonus Wheel. To further help you keep track of when you'll be able to spin the wheel, there's a "Next Bonus" tracker located just below the wheel. There you can see running time informing you when you'll next be able to spin the Magic Bonus Wheel and earn yourself more free Chips.

Daily Login Bonus

Log into every day and we will give you a login bonus. These Chips are added directly to your Chips account. Tip: By logging in via a social media platform, you may give your login bonus an extra push every day as well, as you get additional Chips for each daily login via the social media platform.


At our casino, you'll have the chance to hit a whole line-up of jackpots AND win a whole bunch of Chips!

The most important jackpot is YOUR jackpot. Click on "MyJackpot" right in the middle of the lower edge of your screen to open your personal jackpot. In addition, we feature game-based jackpots that you can also hit! To find out which games you can win a jackpot in, just look for the jackpot sum, which is displayed right on the slot display itself (i.e. the one you see in the lobby).

Buying Chips

In the upper right corner of the web page, you will find an overview of your Chips account. Click on the large Chip coin symbol entitled "Shop" to buy Chips in our shop. Once per 24 hours, you’ll also have the opportunity to collect a "Free store bonus" right there in the shop. When you go into the shop, you will find Chip packages that are chock full of Chips for you. The more you buy, the larger the discount we'll give you on your Chip purchase. With a click on "Buy now", you are then led to the cashier where you can select your preferred method of payment. You will then be guided through the payment process step by step and the Chips will be directly added to your balance. It couldn't be any easier!

Watching Videos

You've used up your Chips a little faster than you had planned? Well, then you can start refilling your Chips account by watching a short video clip. Just click the "Watch videos" button located on the right side of the screen (third from top). Spend some time watching the videos and Chips will be added to your Chips account. Important: You have to watch the complete video right to the end in order to get those Chips accredited to your balance.

Inviting Friends

Playing with friends is always more fun. That's why we reward every friend invitation with Bonus Chips. But that's not all: You get extra Chips for every invite, plus another bonus if your friend accepts the invite. You can search for and invite friends by clicking on "ACCOUNT" next to your profile pic and then once there, clicking on "Community".


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How do I win a Jackpot and how large are my winnings?

With every spin of each and every game/slot, you'll be increasing the sum of your personal jackpot! With the aid of your daily lucky numbers and the MyJackpot Wheel of Luck, you may just be able to hit it. For more information, just open up your "MyJackpot" portal by clicking on the "MyJackpot" sum located on the lower, middle edge of your screen. In order to win game-based jackpots, you must play with the required MinBet for the respective jackpot. If you bet more than the required jackpot wager, your chances of winning a jackpot will also INCREASE!

And how exactly do you win?! Well, as soon as you play with the required MinBet for that jackpot, then every spin you make gives you the chance to activate the Jackpot Wheel. With the Jackpot Wheel, you can then hit an entire jackpot or just a part of the jackpot! The Jackpot Wheel does NOT decrease or minimize your chance of winning an entire jackpot, but rather ensures your shot at some really great Chips winnings!

What is Level Turbo?

When you're in a phase where you've got Level Turbo, you'll see that your XP bar is filling up TWICE as quickly while you play the slots, meaning that you can level up twice as fast as well.

What is the Magic Bonus?

Magic Bonus is the bonus wheel that you can spin every 2 hours to win guaranteed Chips.

What is Turbo Spin? How do I turn it on and off?

We'll be happy to explain how you can turn the Turbo Spin function on and off.
- You make sure that you've turned off the automatic spin function, located in just about every slot next to the spin button
- Then click on the options menu of the respective slot or you click on the 'Turbo' symbol (depending on the manufactuer, this is i.e. a rabbit or an arrow) right in the slot itself

Where can I change my email address?

You can change it in the upper portion of the screen under 'Account' and 'Personal Details'.

How come I'm not getting any Chips for my birthday?

Due to abusive usage, we've currently got this function deactivated. We'll be looking at a way to prevent this function from being abused and make sure there's a birthday verification possibility in order to be able to give you all birthday Chips as a present.

Where can I sign up for the newsletter?

You can sign up for the newsletter by going to 'Account' and then clicking on 'Personal Details', where you'll find the option to sign up for the newsletter.

How do I make use of one of my jokers?

There are a number of areas where you can make use of a joker, for example, in games with the indicated Joker Jackpot or in our Fortuna's Treasure feature, where it can be used to exchange a challenge.

Where do I find the videos?

You'll be able to locate the video function either right in the tasks requiring you to watch videos or to the right in the menu bar.

I can't currently complete a purchase!

Please refresh your browser and/or check your payment options.

Why can't I watch the videos?

Refresh your browser and, if necessary, delete your cookies and cache.

How do the slots work and what do the symbols mean?

In order to start a game of slots, just click on it and the game will automatically open. In each game of slots, there are 5 reels with various symbols. Depending on how the symbols are arranged on the reels when they stop, you win or lose Chips. These formations are called Win lines. In the lower left hand corner, you select how many of those lines you want to play on. Different kinds of slot machines offer you different amounts of win lines you can play on. The more win lines you select, the more Chips you are ultimately betting. Right next to the button that lets you select the win lines, you can chose how many Chips you want to bet on each line. These two combined add up to the amount of chips you are betting per round. You can adjust this amount for each round you play. You can also directly select to play the maximum amount of Chips – in order to do so, just click the "MAX BET" button. All winnings are counted from left to right on the reels that are next to each other. The exact rules for free spins, the Scatter symbol, bonus symbols, and the amount of winning lines are provided in detail in the paytable of each slot game. The following is just some general information:

Scatter Symbol

The Scatter symbol can appear anywhere on the reels. Depending on the slots game, you will win a certain amount of free spins with a certain amount of Scatter symbols. In some cases, the reels the symbols appear on (for example, 9 Scatter symbols on reels 2-4) are also important. You can find out which conditions have to be met for what type of win by clicking the "i" in the lower left hand corner of the slot machine. While all symbols only count in the right order on the winning lines, the Scatter symbols can also win on other reels.

Win Lines

At the beginning of the game, you select how many of the possible win lines you want to play and how many Chips you want to bet. Only the highest win per line counts. If there are multiple wins on one line, they get added together. The win is credited to your balance as soon as it is accepted or the gamble option is over.

Bonus Symbol

Bonus Symbols can trigger free spins or possibly even special winnings. For this, a certain amount of bonus symbols will have to show up on the reels at the same time. To find out which symbols actually serve as bonus symbols, how many bonus symbols are required in order to win, and to see descriptions of other special functions, please consult the paytable of each individual slot game.

Wild Symbol

The Wild symbol is a joker and it shows up in most slots. As a joker, the Wild symbol is representative of most of the other symbols in a game and with that, completes a whole bunch of win combinations. The only symbol that this joker usually cannot represent is the bonus symbol. Check out the help section of the respective game to find out which symbol a Wild joker for that respective game and for which other symbols it can be the representative.


Some slot machines allow you to gamble with your winnings. Either you take the winnings or you decide that you want to gamble with them, something that could lead to winning even more Chips – but possibly also losing them. After you've won, just press "GAMBLE" if you want to gamble your winnings. In order to double your winnings, select a card color, either red or black. If your choice is correct, your winnings will be doubled. If you select the correct card symbol (hearts, diamonds, spades, clubs) you can even quadruple your winnings. You can gamble with your winnings up to 5 times in a row.

Free Spins

Free spins can, for example, be triggered by three or more simultaneously appearing bonus symbols. During these free spins, you can win the same things as you can during normal spins while the number of lines and your bet per line remain the same as they were when the free spins were triggered. The symbols that trigger free spins and the amount of free spins that are triggered as well as detailed information on other special functions can be found by clicking on the "i" (or the corresponding paytable) in the lower left hand corner.

Where can I get further assistance?

Do you have more questions? Are there other problems with regards to the games or when you purchase Chips? Should you have technical problems, simply click on "Imprint", which is located on the lower portion of the website. Once there, simply press on the button "REPORT A TECHNICAL PROBLEM" and proceed accordingly. We are looking forward to finding a solution for you!

Why is maintenance necessary?

Important: Disruptions/Disconnections deem all winnings and games null and void. Every Monday we conduct maintenance from 09:00 am to 12:00 pm. This maintenance can include importing new casino games, features or can even lead to bringing about product enhancements so as to best guarantee our users a top-flight gaming experience. During this maintenance, the occurrence of disconnections or downtime is not uncommon. If you find yourself not being able to reach the portal, you'll nonetheless see our maintenance page. In that case, just try again later. Thank you very much for your understanding!

Payment Multiplier

Should a Payment Multiplier be active, the amount of Chips you receive with a Chips purchase will be multiplied!
ATTENTION: Please denote that the bonus is already included in the amount you see for all deals and offers.
No further multiplying of Chips takes place once your purchase has been conducted!

Where can I redeem a coupon code?

You can redeem a coupon right in the Chips shop.

How do I log out?

On the right side of the screen, in the menu bar, just scroll to the last option in order to log out.

Can I send Chips to my jackpot friends?

Unfortunately, the function we once had allowing players to send Chips to friends was used and abused in a fraudulent manner on many occasions. This wasn't fair in the least to the community of players at our site and has since been permanently deactivated.

How do I win a Joker Jackpot?

You can choose to wager a Joker and then you have exactly 50 spins to possibly win a Joker Jackpot, regardless of your bet per spin.

I'd like to deactivate my notifications/sound options!?

Go to the menu on the right-hand side of the main lobby and hover over SETTINGS. There, you can change these options and a number of others.

The jackpot/Winnings aren't rewarded properly!

If you're not seeing the proper winnings or a jackpot you've won, there are several things you can try to remedy the problem:

- Refresh your browser and with that, our site
- Delete the cookies and cache
- If necessary, perhaps start using a new browser
- If none of this helps, please inform our support team

How do I win my MyJackpot pot?

By collecting Lucky Numbers, you have the opportunity to win your MyJackpot pot whenever you have 6 correct numbers come up on the Wheel of Luck. Further information is provided in the help section right in the feature.

I'd like to change my profile pic/user name!

You can do this by heading to your 'Account' and making these alterations under 'Personal Details'.

The final task in Jackpot Journey isn't starting up - help!

When you hover with the mouse over the respective task, you are shown how many stars you still need to obtain.

Where can I find the slots of a particular manufacturer?

In our casino lobby, just click on 'All Games'. You can then sort out the games according to the manufacturers.

Why can't I load the slots?

If you are unable to load the slots, there are several things you can try in order to solve this problem:

- Refresh your browser and with that, our site
- Delete the cookies and cache
- If necessary, perhaps start using a new browser
- If none of this helps, please inform our support team

How long will an event run for?

Right at the casino lobby when you arrive at our site, we always have a little clock showing you exactly how long the event will still last.

Here are a few short explanations to the advantage symbols you’ll see featured here

This symbol indicates that jackpot you get within a certain period of time will provide you with a defined percentage of extra Chips.
Whenever you see this symbol, you know that you are earning twice as much XP for every spin.
Whenever this advantage is active, you’ll receive an extra 10% on all Chip purchases you make.
This symbol represents Loyalty Points. Collect these points to improve your Loyalty Status and unlock additional advantages.

Are there any so-called cheats or hacks I can use to more quickly obtain Chips in the slots?

We're going to have to disappoint you on this one. To ensure that all of our players are playing for their Chips under the same prerequisites, we have intentionally decided to forego on any sorts of cheats and hacks in our slots. Unintentional glitches or bugs cannot be ruled out, of course, even if we're doing all we can to do so.

How do I get these coupon codes?

Very easily! {{ casino }} has a page at Facebook and there, you'll find the current code every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, which you can then redeem right at our casino. But beware - the respective code will only be valid for a short period of time, namely on that specific day. In other words, you're going to have to be quick to give your game that extra Chips boost! Should you miss out on a code, the next one won't be far behind. So, keep stopping by.

And how can I redeem these coupon codes?

This can be done nice and quick. Click on the "Buy" button located right in our lobby (at the top of the page) and you'll be brought to our shop. Once there, you'll find the button "REDEEM VOUCHER" to the lower left of the screen. Simply click on that, enter the code, and then have fun.

Do you have any tips and tricks for how I can more quickly obtain Chips?

Many paths lead to Chips heaven, so to speak, but the most simple way to fill your treasure chests full of Chips at {{ casino }} is to keep at it and good planning. Read the instructions very thoroughly for every slot, feature, and event. Learn from you success and your defeats while playing - and make sure you have fun. We do have another tip for your though: Keep an eye on our upcoming events, special discounts, and site promotions, all of which we keep you informed about in our newsletter, which you can subscribe to for free.


If any of your questions haven't been answered here or you require further assistance, please feel free to contact us at the following email address: support 'at' jackpot 'dot' de